Requirements for starting a chapter at your local dental school (membership) may be found within Article X of our bylaws. 


The most important components of Art. X include the following:

(1) a petition for charter, signed by 2/3 of FULL faculty professors at your dental school AND also signed by 2/3 of the faculty that are currently members of OKU (there may be overlap);

(2) $50 filing fee (check, money order, etc) made payable to OKU Supreme Chapter; and

(3) a copy of your proposed local chapter bylaws. 


              Within 30 days of receiving a petition, OKU Supreme Chapter will seek votes from current member chapters.  Voting responses are collected within reasonable time.  Lastly, a decision will be submitted to the proposed chapter.  Please be patient, the entire process can take up to several months to complete.

Please mail petition packets to:

              Brian Suzuki, OKU Exec. Dir.

              PO Box 5472

              Plymouth, MI 48170