ADEA Annual Session and Exhibition

The 2021 annual meeting will take place online.  Details to follow.


OKU Annual Inductions Certificates/Insignia:

-Our Certificate supplier has closed their NY location.  All production has been moved to their Connecticut office and orders are being produced at a reduced capacity.  

The supplier has finished all orders before June 1, 2020.  If you placed your order before August 1, 2020 and have NOT received your certificates, please contact us. August orders are still pending - we apologize for the delay, this is not something we can control. 


-Our NE based insignia supplier is still operating with limited hours and staff.  Your orders are being produce and fulfilled.  You may see a small delay due to their limited operation, but it should be minor.  For faster service, you may request UNENGRAVED keys, which will likely reduce order time substantially.


-Ribbons and Stoles are shipping with moderate delay.  I am receiving reports that mail is running slower than usual (ie 3-day Priority mail is taking upwards of 2 weeks for delivery).  It is possible these will arrive late.


-IF your university has closed (or is having difficulty receiving packages from UPS, USPS, etc), please email us an alternate mailing address.  This may include your home or any location where someone is able to check for mail/packages.  Otherwise, you may experience a substantially longer delay in receiving your annual award items.  


OKU Annual Inductions and Award Ceremonies:

We have received inquiries regarding annual award ceremonies.  We cannot tell your chapter how to conduct such ceremony in light of the current pandemic.  Multiple options are available: holding a digital ceremony, postponement, or reschedule to next year's induction ceremony.  You should choose the best option for your chapter.